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Created jeudi 05 juin 2017

So far, the software has been run and tested on Linux only.

The web UI requires Apache v. 2.4.x, PHP v. 5.6.x, Postgresql 9.4.x and should run on most Unix-like systems.
The storiqoned service daemon has been tested on linux only, and can be compiled with either gcc 4.9.x or LLVM 3.5.x, and may or may not run properly on different systems.

The REST API and the daemon communicate through the database. all components may run on the same host or on different machines. Several storiqoned daemon running on different hosts can share the same database and be driven from the same Web UI.

The storiqoned service daemon at the moment can use filesystem and tape for data storage.
For production data, use redundant disk storage (RAID arrays, Ceph, Gluster...).
Tape systems can be of any type or brand, either simple drives or libraries. However at this point only LTO-3 to LTO-7 have been tested and are supported, either as standalone drives or libraries up to 120 slots. Other configurations and/or supports are in various states of testing and may or may not work properly.